I’m actively trying to drum up traffic…to help with



And adding more stuff for sale… reminding gentler readers just what they might get for their measly American dollars…and here we go.

I made this bag out of a pair of pants.

It’s a cotton/spandex blend, super sturdy with a little give.

Holds six library books!


It folds up and drinks with you!

My little antique shot glass

“shot glass”

Is a poet!

Let’s all get drunk and GO TO HEAVEN! That’s an epitaph if I ever saw one.

So you’ve got your bag full of money and books, your shot glass for cocktails, what to wear?

…the 90s are approaching vintage, right? (No, they’re not.)

Cream-coloured shiny jacket

Zippers. 36/34 (bust/waist; measured underpit seam to underpit seam, waist seam to waist seam)

For the clothings record, I’m 40 (holy shit)/34, so if you’re bigger than the measurements, doesn’t mean it won’t work.

The plastic is coming off under the arms – I actually didn’t notice until I went looking for flaws (hey, I’m honest).

You can glue it back down. Or wear this one

It’s another cotton/spandex blend of mauve and black velvety brocade-like fabric…

Nice detail on the waist,

three fabric-covered buttons in the middle

Tag size 6, measures 34/30, buttons tight on me. I’d planned to widen it with some black velvet stripes, or turn it into a corset-style top (cut off the sleeves and collar, put lacing up the back).

Goth prom!

Another homemade gem…I got it for a Victoriana get-up, but it’s the quintessential 80s prom pattern.

It also needed up-sizing, though, 34/28 – doesn’t zip up on me!

Or Molly. Evil Glenda.

Fancy-schmany ballgowns require proper foundation garments!

Vintage bustier bra…

Hooksandeyes up the front. Missing two hooks, super easy to replace. I might have a couple lying around, if you want me to fix it. It’s pretty big…

Because it’s for GODDESSES!

The waist area (elasticized in the back) measures 34. Hos who don’t want to flaunt it get this gem

Black stretchy sparkly vintage top – can also be worn backwards

…you can also pull your breasts out through those top two holes…I couldn’t get a good picture of the sparklies

My favourite secretary blouse

is so BLUE!

I only wish it had the 80s sewn-on neck bow.

Measures 42/44

Also big 

 too big for me, sadly, because I dig it

Silky top with lace trim,

pintucks on front and waist sash

And speaking of Glenda…

Another handmade sateen wretch – I mean, lovely…pink gown. There’s a little tear on the front

Measures 44/38/50 (50 being the top of the hips, just below the waist)!

…I have a lot of large prom dresses, if anybody out there would be interested…I…meh. I can’t! I love my prom dresses!

I can’t believe nobody wants the clown tie.

Ok, ok. I have two more prom monstrosities that are at least a size 18. This is probably the best one ever, what with the roses and shit. This one has the nice gathered torso – very slimming!

Both of those are now for sale. And the rose one…I’m glad it can’t talk.

Prices: $15 per item, that includes shipping. I’m going with the one-price deal, so if you want more stuff, I can just fill a box and we’ll adjust pricing accordingly.

Say, “Hey! I want those ugly ties

and the black prom dress. Dress, two ties, shipping, $20?”

And I’d say, “OK, thanks!”

See how that works?






or leave a comment.

Your purchase entitles you, of course, to be added to the horn of splendor…!!

I’ll put some hearts ALL OVER YO’ FACE!


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