Or I could…

The Couchsurfing groups I belong to generally just torture me.

I’m in Romania at the moment, but will probably be in Bulgaria by then, possibly Greece, though that seems unlikely. I’m looking for someone/some people who want to hitch with me all or part of the way.

Interests include dumpster-diving, vegan food, the odd beer or two, spontaneous adventures and wild camping.

Route ideas so far involve possibly dropping in at the Anarchist Summer Camp in Austria on the way (http://www.a-camps.net/AST/?lang=en&section=arrival) and I will also spend a bit of time in Calais before crossing over to England (http://calaismigrantsolidarity.wordpress.com)

My route other than those is very flexible and I don’t mind going out of my way a bit to meet up with someone. I thought I would take about a week to do the journey.

Any takers?


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