The stylish pirate…

I had been going around the haus, trying to sell superfluous stuff. Then I realized maybe it’s not working because I need to “sacrifice,” get rid of stuff I want, that’s meaningful to me. If I want a meaningful experience, ie Burning Man, then I need to be willing to offer something meaningful in return.

$15 for the lot, includes shipping.

My pirate queen


(/sigh) – it’s copper or bronze, or whatever gets that green tarnish

My little funky pirate drop earring

A pin-up

White plastic skulls with heart-shaped eyes, teensy gems on the end of the bones

One of my very first new-wavey gems…the entire alphabet!

And a rainbow of rhinestones.

I have a lot of hair accessories that includes

But I couldn’t get a good picture of the Art Deco peacock comb…and I have this ring that I love

Highly sentimental and awesome

seemingly handmade, there’s some sort of rune on the band

no idea what to ask for it. Or this charm that I got in Guatemala

All I know is it’s some little cherubic prince fellow. If you’d like either of those (or both), I’m sure you’ll make a fair offer.


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