Airline update WTF?

As of August 1, ALL items going ON a plance must be opened and searched through PIECE BY PIECE.

I just learned this at work, because who the hell is going to be opening and searching all the caskets getting flown here to there?

Though they’re abuzz about that, I’m thinking, WTF? My bins would be opened and taken apart, item by fucking item. What fucking idiot thinks this is a good idea? They’ve obviously never packed a suitcase in their LIFE. Where is the time to go through every last piece of luggage coming from? What about connecting flights? Would it be taken apart in Dallas and put back together? Utterly absurd.

I’m aghast. Reckon this means I will definitely be needing to find some way to have it driven there. Unbelievable. I really don’t see how that could actually happen.

Josh: From the Funeral Director Assoc.’s press release:

“On August 1st all freight going on a passenger aircraft has to be screened/inspected at the “piece” level. Every suitcase, box and package, just like carryon luggage now.”


3 Responses to “Airline update WTF?”

  1. Joshua Says:

    Does this refer to passenger checked bags, or just cargo?

  2. Elorrum Says:

    hmmm. When my family was doing a lot of back and forth traveling to Fiji, we always put our underwear on top, and the Fijian customs folks were usually a bit embarassed to be rifling through ladies unmentionables, so searching went rather quickly. Don’t think it would be as effective now in the US.

  3. Brody Says:

    If it means “just like carry-ons now”, I guess they mean that each bag will be X-rayed and then potentially hand-inspected. It probably will just mean that you’ll have to get your checked baggage to the airport even earlier.

    There’s perhaps a cargo container leaving for the Burn from your area? I know there are a few that leave from the East Coast. Probably way cheaper than flying with your stuffs.

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