Airline stuff…

I can’t find any airfare less than $500 (rounded up from $461 to cover misc. fees and taxes. Flying out of ATL would only save me about a hundred bucks – and I’d have to find someone who could drop me off and pick, me up, and reimburse them for a tank or two of gas, which could be $100 in it’s own; Charlotte also offers no significant savings; Greenville is the same as Cola).

Then another $55 if I check two bags – and I’ve got bins, can I even check bins? And have them weigh 50lbs or less? I’m fairly confident I could fit most of the clothes into a carry-on – though the cloak I am theoretically making will be huge…I’m scared of the stuff getting lost and winding up on-playa with NOTHING. A tent or the dome won’t fit into a bin. I’d have to check the dome. So that’d be $155 just for getting my luggage to Reno.

Leave here at 6 a.m., get to Reno @ 10:45 – I went as early as possible.

Then finding a ride to zee desert…

And that doesn’t include food/cooler…ARGH. WHY IS THIS SO F’ING COMPLICATED??

Here’s TSA’s guidelines.

If I didn’t have a job, I’d be all set. $125 for me and my stuff, plus the adventure of the cross-country drive.

I am very, very frustrated. It’s like I’m this close…but nothing’s coming together.

Except my new sticker for DSB.

I cropped out and cut and pasted every damn letter from a font alphabet I found…it might be ghetto, but I’ve got skills. Gluesticks and scissors, homes!

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One Response to “Airline stuff…”

  1. Trystan Says:

    Ugh, stupid iPhone. Anyways. My point is, can you drive? Find a ride with someone else on a tight shedule and offer to share shifts with them. Even if you want to catch the Temple burn, you only have to take one extra day off. (Tuesday.) if you leave on Sunday morning you could still make it.

    Anyways, onto the money making thing. Have you checked out kickstarter? All you have to do is come up with some sort of project you need funding for, and then spread the word. You could have a free on-playa store wig all your thrift store stuff, or even just an ‘art project’ that you are going to hug/survey/video everyone you meet. Write a great enough proposal, and anything is art. Then pick some “perks” for your donators (like your pics or vids), spread the word, and get money. I think they charge a percentage fee, but not up front.

    Good luck again 🙂 by the way, I love that striped dress…

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