Treeeeees, Gromit!

Yes, Fire Moose, you can see how the playa was such a drastic change of scenery for me…

That’s Where the Sidewalk Ends, the camp for families run by Sister Discordia, making their parade to a wedding.

There’s a view from Main St.

Here’s my camp, at Alchemy:

“Camp Bukowski – warm beer, cold women.” – first Alchemy

Second Alchemy, glade of DOOM – well,

Gloom and Doom.

The woods  hide pleasant secrets, like Area 51

I adore it. I really, really missed trees at Burning Man. I even said so, one day. “I miss green, and trees…”

No trash fence pool, we have lakes! Shade! Mountain breezes! Finally experiencing the playa made me feel spoiled, to be honest!


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