No paypal button, here’s why…

To put a “Donate” button on here I’d have to change my PP account to a “premier” account. I’d then be charged a fee for your donations. They would also charge me a monthly fee. And, once you “upgrade” you can’t go back to a normal, fee-free account.

I’m going to add a blurb on the side, though…so you can still send a link to my blog to ALL your friends.

Your money will go to more BALLS-OUT EXCITING footage like THIS


Real-life ROMANCE and MYSTERY!!

…the mystery being what the heck is he cooking? Also, that is some old, dead romance.

You can pretend you were at  Transformus three years ago!

That’s me with the skull and record bowls.

Sexy secretly-recorded footage of me EATING!

See? I actually need you to ask for videos so I don’t look like such a tool.

Change a duvet:

Make a record bowl. Local bands?


3 Responses to “No paypal button, here’s why…”

  1. FireMoose Says:

    Wow, it’s really weird seeing a regional amidst trees and grass….This is all i have known…


  2. Christine Says:

    Nice fart!

  3. Umkleidekabine « I’m going to Burning Man. Says:

    […] adding more stuff for sale… reminding gentler readers just what they might get for their measly American dollars…and here we […]

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