I have always depended upon the kindess of strangers.

I live in South Carolina. Florida is full of yankees!





(I had it normally typed out, but got a deluge of spam)

 is my paypal account if you want to:

 – buy something from Marketplace Bizarre! I have two more bags of stuff I might post. You could buy several things and I could mail them all in the payoneprice box

 – request a photograph of me with a watermelon on my head sitting on a fire hydrant (or whatever else you want)

 – ask for a youtube video of me teaching you how to do something (or whatever else you want)

 – skip Fiverr and have me blog about something for you…

 – …

 – or make up something for on-playa.  I will brush and braid your hair – or wash it, if you have the stuff. I will have a drink with you. I will…

It’s also my FB email if you want to be my friend. Which you don’t, because I am awful.


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