A bad day on the playa is better than a good day in the mundane.

That’s what I say, Christine.

 don’t have a travel buddy and am not part of any camp. 

Technically, that wouldn’t be an issue. Oodles of people go on their own, camp on their own. There are some camps, too, for such people.

I just discovered the burner community, who I think are pretty darn cool, but most of the burners I’ve met are already in a  camp (that is full) and not available to buddy up. 

Yeah, we are pretty darn cool…the BM site has a list of all the theme camps, you can always read through there and email a few. Again, though, a lot of people camp on their own. I liked the amenities of my camp (a shower), otherwise it was pretty useless and disappointing.

The amount of work in planning what to bring and how to get it there is DAUNTING! 

Yeah, especially your first time.  Even though my veteran friends assured me over and over I had it covered, and was totally prepared…I wasn’t. But, that’s certainly not just with Burning Man.

I’m wondering if the amount of money and work involved is worth it! 

Well, nobody can answer that for you. People live their lives around the event…people go once and don’t look back. I know people from both parties.

And I’m afraid of the dust! 

Don’t be. Aside from being covered in it 24/7, I had zero problems with it. I spent half the time barefoot, never did the playa foot bath anything, and I was just fine.

The heat, whatever, I can handle that…but the dust everywhere, and possibly having to do it all on my own. 

The heat surprised me! I was looking forward to a break from my Southern summertime (just a couple of weeks ago, it was 100 degrees + humidity at 8 p.m.) but didn’t get it…it is hot! The dust really isn’t a problem – it’s not like the other tens of thousands of people aren’t also covered in it!

I don’t know what you mean entirely, by “having to do it all on my own,” but others do it, and there’s plenty of resources for help out there – starting with Eplaya and Tribe.net.

And then spending the rest of my summer planning for this when instead I could be relaxing and spending the money on a vacation that is much less work.

I know what you mean. A week at Burning Man, or two weeks in Prague? A week at Burning Man, or a trip to somewhere totally new, like Iceland? Some of my veteran friends are choosing the latter, and going to Amsterdam (hippies). Me…the idea of not being at Burning Man just feels weird.

Is Burning Man worth all the trouble, time, money and energy?

Yes. No. Maybe. Probably. Not. Sure?

  I found your journal entries from last year and it sounds like you had a bad time! 

I did, largely, but see the title of this post.

Yet I see you want to go again this year.  I guess my question is what makes you want to go again? Maybe that will help me decide to go or not.

The rough time I had physically and emotionally is part of why I want to go again. The idea of not being there, having finally made the trek (been wanting to go since @ 1997) just feels off, to me. I’m one of those people that showed up at a burn and really, truly, felt “home.” I want to go and meet the friends I’ve made on Eplaya. I want to go because it’s beautiful, amazing, hilarious, gorgeous, mystifying, wonderous…never a dull moment or the same thing twice…as awful as it was last year, as insanely awesome as it will be this year. Like Interpol, my sophomore effort will be the best…I really can’t tell you what to do, or what I think you should do.

I say go for it. You might be dead this time next year. Carpe diem.


2 Responses to “A bad day on the playa is better than a good day in the mundane.”

  1. Christine Says:

    Thank you. You’re awesome. Perhaps we’ll meet up on the playa this year… 🙂

  2. This Woman Says:

    Well said. I’ve always used the word Babylon instead of mundane, but it’s all the same.

    This will be my 15th year out of the last 16 years. I missed one to go to Australia. Going around the world is about what it takes, apparently, to miss Burning Man.

    In all that time, there have been plenty of unpleasant experiences, both mundane and extreme. Not only did they not dissuade me, but they never even made me stop to think, is this worth it?

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