I’m not a hippie!

I’ve been encouraged to set up a fund for people to donate…but how lame is that? I also need money for school, give me some for that, too! The offer for pictures of me (or not with me in it) doing whatever non-porniness is still out there…donate the money (I was asking $5 per pic, but the Shampoo Horn went for $10) to my paypal account (or mail it to me):





And include what you want…or if you want a costume something made, or if I might have a vintage something…polka dot leg warmers…anything I might have that you’d want to buy, just ask. Fiverr has gotten me $15, but I have to get $40 before I can even withdraw. Go read Mod Mischief’s blog, this sassy Canuck is demanding FIVE whole photos, narrative style. And get this, it is to thank me for the amusement she got reading my Cookieman scholarship. Really, that’s pretty much better than getting the scholarship, don’t you think?

If I don’t make it to Burning Man, I’m still setting all the money I raised and people donated aside, for something to benefit everybody. Can I mail kittens?

I need a telethon, eh? Except instead of crappy Celtic Women (I’m looking at you, PBS) it’d be me, drunk and playing Lady Gaga on my strawberry guitar. Ha, this reminds me of the video I took, showing my friend how to put a duvet cover on. Heck, for five bucks, I’ll make a youtube video showing me doing something, how’s that? Again, NON-PORNY! I’ve got video on there already on how to make record bowls. How to cook collards? A tour of my house? It’ll be unedited and fancy, so keep that in mind.

Ha ha ha, I just had a funny thought. Well, it’s funny to me because I think the whole vuvuzela kerfluffle is amusing. What? You don’t know what I’m talking about? Crank your speakers and go here for a second.

Even Hitler hates it. Therefore I should bring some to the playa.

Anyways. I say that too much. Go watch Return of the Ewok.

4 Responses to “I’m not a hippie!”

  1. Christine Says:

    Is that hotmail address what you use for your paypal account? Too bad you live in FL, I’d totally buy a costume from you. Except for some “club wear”, I’ve got nothing!

  2. Claire Says:

    Soooo, I was browsing the eplaya forums, and found your signature link, which brought me here (good advice and writing btw!) and then spent about 15 minutes crying with laughter from your courage wolf twilight/vuvuzela picture, then had to tell you. THANKS!!

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    […] fundraising […]

  4. HOW EXCITING!! « I’m going to Burning Man. Says:

    […] There’s a stadium horn. Where’s my vuvuzela app?? […]

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