Well, I didn’t get the Cookieman Scholarship. Last night I sat on the couch, frantically scanning the house for stuff to sell. I don’t really have much left – and my efforts until now to sell things, to raise money, have been largely FAIL. “I can start putting aside something every month, for next year…” Why didn’t I do that this year?  It was only this past February or so, whenI recuperated financially from going last year. Then, the debate of “to go, or not to go?” began. Then, I was gifted a ticket, so everything seemed rosy. Then my fundraising efforts didn’t work, I had to buy a new hot water heater…you know, life.

I’m curious to know why I lost…I thought I did a fairly good job of being funny and relatable and honest and outlining how I’d volunteer (ranger, run one of the art cars…). C’est la vie.

Maybe that should be my literary tattoo. I sure as fuck say it a lot.

Anyways. I sure wish I could take two weeks off from work. I could afford to drive out there. And I wouldn’t have to figure out a seperate transport (and cost) for getting my stuff out there. ARGH. Burning Man, why didn’t you just hire me for your office, hm? Then I”d already be there…AAAANYWAYS.

Enough boring.

(somehow this didn’t get posted this morning, it was written before ” I’m not a hippie!”)

5 Responses to “Damn.”

  1. Christine Says:


    I’ve been researching going to Burning Man and discovered your blog. I have an opportunity to go this year, my first time, but don’t have a travel buddy and am not part of any camp. I just discovered the burner community, who I think are pretty darn cool, but most of the burners I’ve met are already in a camp (that is full) and not available to buddy up. The amount of work in planning what to bring and how to get it there is DAUNTING! I’m wondering if the amount of money and work involved is worth it! Especially going solo. And I’m afraid of the dust! The heat, whatever, I can handle that…but the dust everywhere, and possibly having to do it all on my own. And then spending the rest of my summer planning for this when instead I could be relaxing and spending the money on a vacation that is much less work.

    Is Burning Man worth all the trouble, time, money and energy? I found your journal entries from last year and it sounds like you had a bad time! Yet I see you want to go again this year. I guess my question is what makes you want to go again? Maybe that will help me decide to go or not.

    Anyway, enough babbling. Any feedback is sooo appreciated. I have to decide in the next few days because I’m being offered a free or discounted ticket for helping with an art project that will be installed there.



  2. FireMoose Says:

    It is ENTIRELY worth it. CFM likes to moan and whine a lot because she needs the attention 😛

    The dust wont bother you after tuesday night

    the heat is very reasonable, the shade is about 10-15 degrees cooler.

    I was hoping you were gonna offer to help her get out there, oh well, best of luck to ya both!

  3. Christine Says:

    I’m assuming this was directed to me? Except I don’t know what CFM is…

    Anyways, I wouldn’t know how to help her except to give $20 or something. 😦 Seems so piddly compared to the actual cost involved. What can we do to help get her out there? For me it’s like the universe is totally supporting it even though I originally fought against the idea: good timing, I have the funds, many opportunities to meet lots of other burners, even met Larry Harvey…like, “come on and join the party!” What about a part-time job or something?? Thanks for the feedback Firemoose.

  4. J Says:

    I’m CFM…it’s my log-in name on Eplaya. 10 people giving a piddly $20 and I’d have a plane ticket…!!

  5. This Woman Says:

    Belated reply, but I hope Christine gets this – you say the universe is supporting you going to Burning Man. Well, I don’t know about you, but in my experience, when the universe supports something you go with it. To do otherwise is kinda insulting to the universe and tends to lead to interesting and unexpected strife.

    Just sayin’

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