Let’s get serious…serious…I wanna get serriouuus..let’s’ get-ah serious…

I’ve gone past gathering misc. donations from my costume and dressing room (yes, I have one room in my house for clothes I wear, and one room for costuming) into actual things I was making to sell – just fun burner-y things.

Only a lot cheaper than “playa wear” and in large sizes – I really hope all the large sizes (I’m talking over 22) get found at Scratch’s Costume Camp. Fuck a bunch of shiny hot pants and bikini tops. In some sort of fit of positivity I sat down and wrote out some numbers.

So yeah. Just put what I knew already into print. In an attempt to save up some funds, I have been not eating much or leaving my house. Literally. I buy a watermelon for three dollars, avacados for 89 cents, and sit on my couch, not spending money on actual meals (at home or dined out), gas to go places and booze. I’ve lost four pounds, ha! I KNOW all the stuff I’m donating to Scratch would sell, if I had the right audience. I’m going to try Psycho Sisters again this weekend, in Atlanta. Even just fifty bucks would do as much to buoy my hope (FUCKING HOPE!).

Anyways. I cannot WAIT to be surrounded by burning, burning LOVE this weekend. Creams and antibiotics are packed! It’s the art fundraiser for Alchemy, my home burn and favourite place to be. I love the way they do it: you pay ten dollars to get in.  That ten dollars, though, goes directly from you to the artist of your choice. However you want. So, on the ballot they provide you indicate “$5 to this, $2 to that, $3 to here.” Or all ten to one, or one dollar to ten artists. It’s fantastic – it’s how it SHOULD be. Art by the community, for the community, funded by the community. No jury of the few and grant nonsense.

Now, what to wear! It’s going to be hot, so as little as possible. Maybe this get-up.

4 Responses to “Let’s get serious…serious…I wanna get serriouuus..let’s’ get-ah serious…”

  1. maggiemayday Says:

    Excellent to see someone acknowledging the need for larger costumes. I’m anywhere from an 18 to a 24. Yeah, teeny tiny ain’t my thang either.

  2. Firemoose Says:

    I can NEVER find a halter top that fits me 😦

  3. Allison Says:

    I’m still waiting for you to post a link to your paypal account so I can send to $50 for a silly photo.

  4. Umkleidekabine « I’m going to Burning Man. Says:

    […] efforts […]

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