Hi Trystan!

Jetboils are awesome. They’re amazing. They’re really cool. I could have bought one for 25% when I worked at a camping store. but I didn’t. because you don’t need it. at all. you don’t need the highest rated stove. just a cheap one. who cares if your water takes 2 minutes longer to boil? if you are tight on finances, don’t bother buying it this year. I have had the same stove since 7th grade and it’s still fine. Also, i’m borrowing my mom’s coleman double-burner from like 15 years ago. Why don’t you borrow your partner in crimes’ stove & coffee pot? Ask your mom for one for christmas instead πŸ˜›

It wasn’t the boil time that interested me, so much as the small size of the whole unit, for pack-a-bility (heh…unit…), the 2-in-1 cooking/eating/drinking vessel (ok, 3-in-1) and the handle on the mug…just the ease of it all.

Since really, I’m just going to make coffee (if anything at all) I don’t need the bigger Coleman stoves (or the loss of space it’d take up). But those things last forever! I have a kayaking friend with a variety of stoves, too. I can’t borrow zee friends, because she will be with her stupid boyfriend in their camp, using it. STUPID BOYS!

Last July, my sweet mother actually gave me a gift card for a local camping store (instead of pink and gree plaid capri pants!) I have yet to use, which is how I started thinking about stoves. They don’t have anything I need, a stove’s really the only “essential” I’m lacking. I figured I could get a nice stove, using the gift card to knock down the price. But it’s out of her price range, too. πŸ™‚

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