The High Holy

Joy Division isn’t necessarily as high-holy as the Smiths are (ie, I hate it when people cover or misuse their songs), but this made me happy*:

from a blog my blog would hang out with, Cakehead Loves Evil.

*This song always makes me happy, but having it melt from an old Prodigy song was especially tickling. Prodigy’s one of the many, many bands I got to toss my hair at, when they had a stateside hit. “Oh, I remember them from high school!” Also a great video for that song. So…early 90s and ravey. Before it was all hot pants and pacifiers.

OK, fine, let’s post another one, I loved this song, and it was the beginning of my Eurotrash/techno phase (well, that and living in Germany in the 90s). And when the lead singer was still cute – seriously, I studied the video to emulate the dance moves. They were all good-looking, esp. Mr. Sledgehammer…

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