C is for…crap I need money!

Ha! And you thought I was going to say cookie…it’d be G is for gluten-free cookie, anyways.

Here’s my Cookieman scholarship.

They’re supposed to announce the winner either today, tomorrow or Thursday. I’m aggravated I had to ask for help in the first place, but somewhat…not really “proud,” but…okay with having asked. Apparently I’m a very stubborn person, who doesn’t know when to ask for help and tries to do everything on her own (hey, then it’s my own fault when it all turns to shit, right?) and should knock that shit off and let other people help her…or whatever.

So. What’s done is done, da? It’s just funny to me, how very strange it feels, the idea of not going. And yet, how scary the idea of going is. It’s just all very overwhelming. Give me a body with third-degree burns in the middle of the field, no big deal. Ask me to give a corpse a haircut, OK. But plan a trip across the country? Give me some money! A-hahahahaha…it would make everything 100% peachy-keen.

Anyways! Enough about that! Let’s talk about fun stuff! The theme camp list is up for Transformus. 

Pyrocelt is doing a phenomenal job with that site.

I’m kind of at a stand-still with BM stuff, since I don’t know if I’m going. And Tmus is easy…plus, I don’t have money for fun things and I’m camping by myself, so no collaborations…but this will all change soon. I just have to get out of the argh funk and into the GET OFF MY  LAND Doom mode.

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