Finally found it.

Max, on the L Word, had prosthetic penis he could pee through, like a working penis. I’ve wondered how that might work, camping. Finally found some info tonight.

It’s an internal device…$70 for ‘the Mango,” and another $30 for the harness. It sounds kinda…gross and uhealthy to hang out with that tube stuck up my vagina, but I’ll assume it’s not, since they sell these!

This guide for helping FTM use a men’s bathroom has some suggestions, too.


looks like a weapon, and like I’d pee all over my hand. I did enjoy this cartoon for the disposable version:

Further reading shows the Travelmate goes inside the labia (as opposed to the Freshette/She Wee/Go Girl, which cup around the whole vagina).

I like the style of pstyle’s website, but there’s no “how-to,” so I’m not sure how it works.  Ok, found it in the testimonials. It does work kinda like a trough…still makes me think about splashing – seems it’d be less discreet than the Freshette.

Pstyle even has its own song.

Side-by-side review of pstyle v. GoGirl

The WhizFree has a bag a la those Travel Johns I wrote about, that you can pee into.  It might be my second choice – not dealing with the retractable tube of the Freshette (which is helpful for directing flow far away as possible)…

The Whiz’s site is definitely more…stereotypically hush-hush about anything to do with vaginas. Campmor’s Lady J has a great name, but the short…um…valve

has me wondering, once again, about spilling and splatter. With the Freshette, if you have to pee really bad, and really a lot (after drinking 2 liters out of your Camelback + a few spins at Whiskey and Whores), you have to pee slowly, so the cup doesn’t overflow. A reminder:

The clear tubing slides back up, to stick it back in your bag. I just had a ziploc sandwich bag, lined with some wipes.  The main problem I had was splashing on my feet. One of my pirates could just stand, nearly straight up, and pee straight down. Jealous! But that still requires loosening the clothing around the area (or pee on yourself), making a funnel the way to go, to just slide inside your clothing, tube extruding, and not deal with undressing, dropping trou, etc.

So. I guess I’ll be sticking with that, for now. I sorely wish I had the money to get one of each, and really do a proper comparison and review.  If I do end up going, I will try some of those Travel Johns. Leaving a mid-playa party to trek aimlessly, perhaps miles, even, to find a loo is a paaaaaaaiiiin in the ass. Well, bladder.

One Response to “Finally found it.”

  1. Hannah Says:

    Send us an address and we’ll put a pStyle out in the mail to you. Let us know what color you’d like.
    Hope you’ll give it a try…it really does work the best!

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