Guess I’ll have to be my own tent tester…

Dip into my savings, like I did last year, for some test runs of easily available (ie, WalMart and Target) tents.

Coleman 14×9 Stockton 8 Tent – 4.5+ out of 5 stars, out of 53 reviews. That’s pretty solid.

My friend got a couple of these, and they’re awesome.

They’d be perfect for a water container, nightstand knickknacks, etc. They fold up flat, perfect to slide behind your Tetris-ly packed backseat or stack in a bin, etc. – and, when you fold it up, it makes a carrying handle.

Didn’t see anything @ Target. I remember looking at the Bugaboo before (can’t forget that name):

“Cyclone Venting to allow for better air circulation when rainfly is in use” – sounds interesting. Tents are so suffocatey…”Strong winds are no match for the sturdy 9.5mm fiberglass poles.” Well-reviewed on Cabela and Amazon.

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