“There’s a Gate/Perimeter joke that goes: “What’s the difference between a Hippie and a Burner?” 

 “a ticket”

Around here I use ‘burner’ as shorthand for people who live life in a 10 Principles sort of way (even if they’ve never been to Burning Man and don’t really intend to go). ”

I was a “burner” before I’d been to a burn, or Burning Man. Technically, if you don’t consider yourself a “burner” then you’re a “non-burner,” but no, Moosie, I don’t see the world in just those two categories. Plenty of people do come to burns, who don’t care about being a “burner,” but who do the same excellent job of making fire, getting drunk and leaving nary a trace.

It’s cute, well, long story short, the woman kinda responsible for me finding y’all…it was cuz she draaagged me to her pagan gatherings. She’d been trying for years, before I finally agreed to go.  She introduced me as  “pagan-friendly.” Didn’t share all the goddess flowy skirt shit, but I enjoyed their company, their festivals and generally got along just fine. Now, I’ve brought her to burner la-la land and she calls herself “burner-friendly.”

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