I was asked this past weekend about a comment I’d made, “…not everybody’s a burner.”

So, she asked for clarification, what’s the difference between people who go to burns and burners? My answer was basically…anybody can show up to a burn. Not everybody spends the rest of the year dedicating their lives to it. Blueprinting effigies. Stashing away costume camp donations. Not everybody’s into “the 10.”

After this weekend, though, the differences are becoming more clear.  I can’t tell you, how…in sync I felt when I read “the 10.” It wasn’t some sort of light bulb going off, it was ” Yes! Me too!! This is how I try to live my life every day!”

…I’m learning, as I introduce “birgins” to this la-la burner land that is not common.

“If you need it, from the time you wake up until you go to bed, bring it. If it comes with you, it leaves with you.”

Or…don’t. Show up and ask for our dinner and our breakfast, use our resources (whether our towel or trashbag)…ask for this and that. Whore out because you don’t like the tent you brought.  Argue about LNT, and how it’s pointless and stupid.

…I am not as non-chalant about the “label” of burner, as I might have been when I started – granted, I never in my life took on a label. I never felt comfortable calling myself a Christian. I was too goth for the punks, too punks for the norms, on and on. But burner…I wouldn’t say “I’m a burner!” but it meant something. It meant “home” and family and all these fucking cheesy bullshits that I, at the ripe ol’ age of….erm….29, had long given up on.

But these past 3-4 years have been amazing. I have friends for life solidified in minutes. What is the difference between burners and…the other ticket holders?

My fucking heart.

2 Responses to “GAH”

  1. Firemoose Says:

    Would you say that there are only burners and non-burners?

  2. Brody Says:

    I hear ya. Thanks for sharing! Around here I use ‘burner’ as shorthand for people who live life in a 10 Principles sort of way (even if they’ve never been to Burning Man and don’t really intend to go).

    There’s a Gate/Perimeter joke that goes: “What’s the difference between a Hippie and a Burner?”
    “a ticket”

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