Hookers and tents.

No no, not hookers IN tents.

Well…not yet.

The first year the $1 a lb Goodwill opened was also my first Tmus. I got over SIXTY lbs of stuff for Bootytique. No joke, I could barely get the bag into my car. I had to lug it like a big dead body into the trunk. It was a lot of donations…but seeing people later in what I’d picked out was pretty rad.

I’ve got another stash started for Scratch’s Costume Camp – I try to get only plus-sized stuff, because at costume camps it’s usually all tiny crap. So “big girls” and men who want to be pretty are outta luck.

A prom dress that’s too big for me! So it’s a solid 18-10:

I’m keeping this jacket that’s way too tiny, because the shoulders poke out in this hilarious Judy Jetson kinda way:

I’m also keeping this jacket – I look terrible in Mandarin collars, but for whatever reason this works

Probably all the black.

This had to come home with me, just seemed like something I should have:

“I would have guessed you already had one.” – Tunna

There were many boxes of these coozies

You can’t really see, it’s a “35 Magnum” shotgun shell casing thing on the left, and a cammo one on the right. It was hard not to buy all of them. Had to pass on the um, PETA sandals

This belt is sparkly and jangly and will make some hippie vurry happy:

I thought this was a Xmas tree skirt, and I was going to convert it to a capelet, but it’s a capelet!

I decided (well, my outfits’ eliciting comments from somebody else decided) this summer’s theme is Alice in Wonderland hooker.

I’d really like to do a photo series of the seedy side of Wonderland. Hookers hanging out under the mushrooms for johns (the catepillar keeps them all hooked on his hookah, y’know), the mice slaves Hatter keeps to make his scones for teas…etc.

I’m eye-balling two tents that keep coming up:

The Hobitat

which was first recommended to me by a fave  SCIENCE!tist

and the Big Agnes

recommended by a fave Philosopher.

Ok, and maybe this one

Hobitat has a few too many “hard to set up” reviews.  Doesn’t seem much difference b/t the other two


Kingdom one has several complaints about the rain fly not being long enough – not much of an issue for me, between no rain @ Burning Man and setting a tarp up, anyways.

And all that money…when I only need it for Burning Man. I mean, if I got it, I’d probably use the EZ up for something else, but still. Argh.


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  1. Umkleidekabine « I’m going to Burning Man. Says:

    […] least a size 18. This is probably the best one ever, what with the roses and shit. This one has the nice gathered torso – very […]

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