ella ella ella eh eh eh…

I’ve decided to fashion an umbrella for playa use, something garish and awful with my Eplaya moniker clearly displayed – and to keep me more in the shade. I usually carry a parasol at my regionals, but, well, that’s not Black Rock City.

A big one would be the best for decorating and visibility, but a pain to wander around with.

I should paint that swirl on mine, no?

Do I really need a “UV” umbrella of some sort?

Is it shinier than I can tell, from the pictures?

That, of course, would the quintessential burner umbrella “black and white panties! black and white panties!”

Of course, the burner in me always wants it to OOOOOOOO!!! BLINKIE!

But I won’t need it at night. Otherwise I’d go Blade Runner.

ThinkGeek has the one I really want

It comes with a back-slung carrier…I know I’ll just pimp out one of the “Totes-sized” ones I have, that I can clip to my backpack. Perhaps put CFM in reflective tape – or sew it on, with material. That’d be much better. And some sort of design…sugar skull?

Misc. patches and pictures? Leave it blank for people to draw on?

All of the above?


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3 Responses to “ella ella ella eh eh eh…”

  1. hscotland Says:

    WTF, parasols are totally Black Rock City. As are those Asian ones that I totally can’t remember the name of because I’m drinking beer. Those paper things.

    I saw someone who had battery-op lights strung around the edge of an umbrella recently, it kicked ass.
    The Blade Runner one from Think geek, a friend of mine has it and he says it blinds him at night and is totally unusable.

  2. hscotland Says:

    Err, it’s Brody btw.

  3. Nina Says:

    long handle a plus for comfort. perhaps you could have a removable extension. try walking for very long with a short umbrella and you want to just punch yourself in the chin. I like in Lawrence of Arabia, where they just put a stick into the edge of their headress/shawl hold it above and beyond their heads and that’s their shade.

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