So let’s poke around REI…

I mean have you clicked on the “Tents” category?


“easy to set up” and “lightweight” sound good, plus it looks like I could open the fly, there, to stick a fan in. I found it pretty easy to sleep in the day, when there was a fan…but my dome sure had a lot more air flow. I don’t know how stuffy a smaller tent like that would be…this one seems fairly similar:

I thought about a Big Agnes before, and here I go again

Something “Big Agnes” and “Big House” brings to mind jail and Oz and jokes…”easy to set up” and “ventilation” are plusses, plus good for high wind.

Hobitat still looks good…except for the not easy to set up on one’s lonesome. And if a Science!tist can’t do it, I sure as heck can’t.

“…a Tolkien minority.” Ha!

Lemme tell you THIS: I will not be w/o electrolytes/healthy additives for my beverages. But what the hell’s the difference? Is this just EmerGenC in a pretty bottle?

Is it potassium and sodium content I’m looking for? God, I can’t imagine going another…four or so days straight, non-stop thirsty. 😦 Nuun is well-rated, and I like the tablet form.

This stuff

Is highly-rated, and

  • Provides the right blend of electrolytes, calories and fluids to maintain a consistent energy level for up to two hours during your workout
  • HEED contains no citric acid—won’t burn your throat or upset stomach
  • Ingredient l-carnosine helps prevent lactic acid buildup in muscles
  • Sweeteners stevia and xylitol are added to replace simple sugars that most other sport drinks use; promotes oral health
  • That all sounds good.

  • Full spectrum, balanced electrolyte minerals provide a complete supply of nutrients your body needs during exercise
  • Nearly every one of the 5 outta 5 star comments talk about how well it prevents cramps. I don’t really need something like that…I just don’t want to be thirsty.

    This tent seems alright…only three poles? Fantastic.

    That exclamation point amuses me highly. It’s definitely taller than I really need, but looks pretty easy to set up.

    LL Bean sells it, no customer reviews there, either (cheaper than REI, too). GOD why can’t I get a job as a tent tester?? Looks like the slightly smaller version has only two poles

    How would height affect sturdiness in wind? I pretty much don’t see how, full of my stuff holding it down, any tent would fly away.

    This “Freedom Tent” just looks cool.

    Apparently, it was designed for people “with disabilities.”

    Few innovations in camping have ever been met with such acclaim as the Eureka!® Freedom tent. The collaborative effort of Eureka!® with Blue Sky Designs, a design firm noted for its work in the biomedical and rehabilitation fields, the Freedom was hailed “one of the truly unique new products”* by industry reporters during its unveiling in August 2004.

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    4 Responses to “So let’s poke around REI…”

    1. Nina Says:

      this one caught my eye due to the low price and sturdy shape. low peak height thought, 3’11” I used to covet the Armadillo tents by walrus… they had some roomy well built items. I still keep an active search on ebay for a Pueblo tent by them. no hits in a couple of years. Posado a smaller version of the pueblo… lots of mesh though. Ocotillo was their dome… not as much mesh. ah well. MSR bought walrus in 2001, no more armadillo tents.

    2. Brody Says:

      I enjoyed VitaLyte powder to add to my water last year– worked super well. I used it when I ran a marathon, too. Good stuff. Between that and bringing basically a case of coconut water (seriously good rehydration, natural too), I had the best year I’ve ever had in terms of not getting dehydrated or cranky or having to piss every 5 minutes from just drinking straight water.

      North Face has amazing tents, but they’re kinda pricey. They hold up really well at Burning Man and are pretty easy to set up.

    3. Caitlin Says:

      I bought and tried some of the nuun tablets and the flavors I tried were delicious. I consider taste a bit important, as the more delicious the more I’ll drink.

      Also, I saw a few people at Full Immersion with those ! tents. The guy I talked to didn’t take it to BM yet as he hasn’t been, but loves it at alchemy and it looked really freaking sturdy.

    4. Why I’m not using Emergen-C for electrolyte replenishment « I’m going to Burning Man. Says:

      […] IE, less superfluous business and sugar. I posted a little about it before, read here. […]

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