In where foreto I solve my water problem

We’ve established I don’t like wearing backpacks.  By the end of the week, my shoulders were rubbed quite raw from the backpack straps, and the bladder had buhroke, and leaked, so I had to borrow a water bottle. Even more cumbersome than a backpack. And it didn’t hold as much, and I hated asking people for water.

So maybe these “Sneaky Shorts” will solve my problem.

Gin on one side, tonic on the other? (Ew?)

Only two beers, but a bottle of wine? That sounds off. Put some water in it and get an attachement like DuffDuff has…

The “Floppy Flask” holds more – 1. THREE bottles of wine!

I wonder, if you put the tube going elsewhere, it could be a portable catheter…Mmmm…not having to stop in the middle of what you’re doing and walk miles looking for a bathroom…!!



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