Where-in I snot off

Permission to bitch: it’d be funny, if it didn’t keep happening, pop culture usurping my “thing.” Ok, so now it’s cool to be “alternative,” and you don’t have to buy your collars at a pet store. And hey, being a “geek” is cool. Whatever. Most recently, the love of Victoriania (yeah you, steampunk). Where any of you fucking hipsters reading Victoria magazine in elementary, middle and high school? And Day of the Dead – oh, I can’t get mad at you, mystery foot from the internet

I love you.

Ok, back to burnery shit. I like using my belt and not wearing a backpack and keeping my hands free. I don’t think I’d use this, though.

Because nothing says smart like hanging a hot cup of coffee from a piece of plastic on your pants.

Now, the clips make a bit more sense:

I could stick it onto the frame of my EZ Up – you could keep a pee bottle in it.

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One Response to “Where-in I snot off”

  1. Cal Says:

    Hey. that is my foot on ur blog there. Big star wars fan and huge tatttoo fan so kinda wanted to combine the huge iconic portraits from both. Just thought i should explain myself.



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