I would totally send you money for some awesome “whatever shall I wear” photos.

I can’t think of anything better than a unicorn playing poker with a bacon-eating Dath Vader. But I’m sure you can come up with something more interesting.

Will you set up one of those pay with paypal buttons on this site?

I did NOT “squee” when I read that, ahemahem. No no, not at ALL.

The thing is, a Paypal button wouldn’t be cost effective – as far as I know. Unless I charged more, I guess…five dollars? Honestly, I’m still not exactly sure how PP works. I use it rarely, to buy stuff on-line. It takes money out of my bank account. So, presumably, if somebody sent me money via PP, it would go into my bank account…but to access my own bank account, I’d have to pay PP .30 on the dollar (again, I think). Or money put INto my PP account goes somewhere else, not my bank account, and that’s how they charge me for it…blargh. I hate money.

Not true. I hate not HAVING money.

 A dollar just sounds so easy. A freakin’ cup of coffee costs more than a photo of me dressed like Hitler eating chitlins at the river.

But, nobody’s going to mail me a freakin’ dollar! That takes time and effort, and all sorts of things modern man doesn’t enjoy. (ha ha?)

Maybe instead of cash I could barter for stuff on the playa. One picture = one carton coconut water or one jar of pickles or…I wish I had the means to take allllll my crap there, and have a fantasy photo booth.

Sure, BRC already IS a fantasy photo booth but…anyways.

In the meantime, come up with ideas, and tell all your friends to start making lists!

And enjoy this video


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