In which panic sets in

Last night the OMG of somebody giving me a ticket wore off, settling into a nice sheen of panic.

AKA, “reality.” Fucking with my life since…

Try to find a ride, or fly? How much can I afford to spend for either – including money lost from not working?

If I fly, how to get my stuff there?

What stuff to take? I do need a tent, this year, as the dome will not be going back. So there’s some monies.

Sell the dome to help pay for something?

Do I really want to spend this kind of money? I just recently got back on my feet from last year. What about using the money and time off to go somewhere new?

I feel all excited and “Things will be different this year!” but what if they’re not?

In the meantime, while my brain punishes me with all the details, I need to figure out how to make some extra money. There’s no local market to sell stuff I might make. ChaCha isn’t profitable, anymore. Neither was Etsy. I don’t have time for a second job of some sort.

Many moons ago there was a site or something, somewhere…”the internet…” where people started responding to the “Nigerian scams,” engaging the scammer in conversation, and asking for proof of their veracity in the form of photographs of specific requests.

There are a lot of blogs where an artist will draw a picture, or comic, about whatever you want….and I can’t find a link to the one I was thinking of.

So I thought about offering for a dollar – maybe two? – I will dress up as whatever you want, in some sort of non-porny situation (emphasis on NOT PORN).

Previous examples include a unicorn playing poker with dogs, Darth Vader frying bacon…etc.  But then it just seemed stupid and pointless. Self-uh…I don’t know. Course, just asking other people for money, period, I don’t like.

So trying to figure out how to earn the money to go to Burning Man again is going to suck.


2 Responses to “In which panic sets in”

  1. Allison Says:

    I would totally send you money for some awesome “whatever shall I wear” photos.

    I can’t think of anything better than a unicorn playing poker with a bacon-eating Dath Vader. But I’m sure you can come up with something more interesting.

    Will you set up one of those pay with paypal buttons on this site?

  2. shampoo horn! « I’m going to Burning Man. Says:

    […] By J Remember the panicking? And then this?  Like to hear it? Here it […]

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