Ok, don’t tell anybody, but, the eplaya provides

So, sososososososos heyheyheyheyheyheyheyHEY!

You guys (there are no you guys, there’s me and maybe Brody)…some fantastic, total stranger sent me a message this morning @ Eplaya, saying, “Oh, you don’t have a ticket? I’ll give you one.”

 – I just realized, coming here to blather excitedly, it’s this blog’s one-year anniversary. Go back to the beginning…so much…unknowing! I am going back having learned so much…that, despite being “the most prepared virgin ever,” I pray to gods will make this year the Burning Man experience I’ve been day-dreaming about for over ten years…

Anyways. What? Oh yeah.  My mind is exploding. How will I get there? How will I pay for it? Who will I camp with? Do I bring the dome back?? I need some goggles.


First order of business: re-read the First Timer’s survival guide.  Then, read back through this blog and see what all I was thinking of…what maybe I should have done, etc. I took notes last year, while there, about what to bring, not bring, etc.

Then, start saving up, and think of ways to make some monies… /sigh


I honestly can’t even believe it.


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