All the rest.

I have no idea where the rest of my journaling is, so I’m just going to dump the rest of the pics.

It was a long ride.

I thought this was pretty cute, little Sally in there with all the big kids.

That…ha ha ha…isn’t a real penis. It’s the end of Duff Duff’s water…sprayer thing.

Sally has a futon in the back, that folds down, making sleep a rather pleasant event on the road.

The view out the window…

And then, in a while, there will be no green. Only desert.

Should we go to Burning Man?

About a day or so out, we started seeing other burners…then we got to the end of the line

A line of cars, kicking up some serious dust.

And now…some things I saw and/or did…AT BURNING MAN!

Rana in Duff Duff’s armor

Tutu Tuesday

Home Sweet Pain In The Ass Home

I love this picture, as you can see all the dust in my hair. We, the…Funky Love Pirates? That doesn’t sound right…our crew

(the pirate ship, not Thunderdome)

kept the Friday night is pirate night tradition.

Smilin’ Captain Ryan, leader of our motley crew


Dust. Constantly. That is the air. Not a storm, not a breeze. Playa air. Speaking of playa air, here’s what it sounds like:

I was trying to film it, for friends back home. View from the pirate ship:

Attemped a tour from camp to Esplanade:

More things on our head on the way home:

…so, WordPress kindly just lost the second half of that. I guess if you give a shit you can go to my youtube account to watch the crappy footage I took.

The end.


2 Responses to “All the rest.”

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    […] is one of the people I rode out with last summer, her boyfriend did the video (spinning at 2:43). She’s cute and sweet – got her ass TORE up by that slide, poor […]

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