The Cookie Man Burning Man scholarship application

…is 1000 questions. Some dumb, “Will I cum this weekend?” some easy, “What is the question for the answer ’42’?” some fun…and I’m not sure how to answer them.

Answer instinctively and send it right back? They encourage youtube…I’d like to film 1000 people answering the questions on my behalf. Or do a dramatic reading/interpretation of each answer. Film my answers like cartoons.

I don’t know how to do any of that, though.

I would draw and handwrite, but they don’t accept snail mail. Sometimes I feel burner la-la land is mildly prejudiced against old-fashioned people who don’t flickr and twat.

I love quizzes, so this will be thoroughly enjoyable…as long as I just answer and don’t fret about making it “cool” enough.  I mean…my gut answers are guaranteed hilarious, chock-full of snark and 100% awesomeness. But…argh. I really want to go. This is my one shot…wish me luck.

I was thinking about posting the answers here, a few a day – I’ll definitely post them all, at some point, just not sure if posting them here and linking them to that would be good, or…?


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One Response to “The Cookie Man Burning Man scholarship application”

  1. This Woman Says:

    Im reading your blog kinda backwards, so I know you didnt get the scholarship. I’m worried it was because you got the question to the answer of 42 wrong. You did say the question was what is the meaning of life, the universe and everything, didn’t you?

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