Argh. My internet screen was vibrating like eyeballs on E and I lost the post. Sorry if any of you came looking for guns, and saw cats. (I’m not really sorry).

As I was saying…

I asked (I had a lot of hyperbole about how great this person is) someone:

Do you have permits for your guns? Someone I know is visiting in SC somehere, and is miffed becauseWelcome to the gated community of South Carolina. N 32°15′ 0” / W 81°5′ 0” No longer legally able to exercise my full rights as a citizen and free person. SC doesn’t honor my carry permit.  

To which said person (hyperbole already extolled his awesomeness) replied,

“Yes I have a permit, its called the Constitution! Last night I went walking along the river bank even though the park was CLOSED (thats one law broken) and I was carrying my pistol (thats 2 violations) I had a  flask of bourbon (thats 3 violations) …the terrorists hate our freedom.

 I don’t have a concealed carry permit and I’m not surprised that SC doesn’t recognize other state’s permits either.

3 legal ways.

1. US military officers can openly carry.

2. a firearm is permitted in the glovebox of your car.

3. If you have a valid fishing license and you are on your way to or from fishing you can open carry.

If you are just a visitor I believe you are SOL there are no temp permits.  but I’d do it anyway if in a dicey place like a church or school… if caught whip out the other state CC and plead dumb.”

Then I said something like,

Ah, South Carolina. First free pour, then tattoos, what’s next? Recognizing federal/other states’ rights? Do you KNOW who we are? WE STARTED THE FUCKING CIVIL WAR. (No, we didn’t.)

That’s all.


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