“Kind of like when Jesus tried to pass for Christians, in their bunny suits”

I have no idea what that means. Here’s more transcriptions of my playa journals – remember, transcriptions. What it says doesn’t reflect how I felt before or after, just in the immediacy of the moment. Notes I’m making now will be italicized. Like this!

12:30 a.m. (right outside of Chattanooga, after busting a tire and axle. Barely two hours after we left Atlanta.)  Between mile marker 166/164. Sleep. Tecate. Kung Fu Hustle.

Hard to sleep wtih trucks passing, rocking the bus. Kung Fu Hustle in my ear

Time = ? Co-piloting with Tunna as

the sun rises over Nashville.


He asked me what I’m looking forward to most. Nothing, I shrugged. Just being there.

“Kind of like when Jesus tried to pass for Christians, in their bunny suits.”

I’m on a bus. Everything has been surreal…just this out of the ordinary limbo, leading up to the most out of the ordinary experience of my life.

“Sunrise. Switching to day mode.”

some magnetic poetry from the fridge on the bus:

I’ll bet

the squirrels

would have



your mind



going to be

right there


the gene pool farted

and you started out


No pig (I collect these particular pigs…posted a pic somewhere here)  in Illinois. 😦 Justin didn’t hoot and holler when we passed in to it, either. Been in Missouri for a while…

“Just hanging out, guys! Pay no attention to the man behind the, er, on the…uh…”

He who fills the jug…

…dumps it out at a gas station somewhere in rural Missouri. Confucious didn’t say that.”

got a pig. Justin returned a banana, to get the two for one deal (I got the other one).

Karissa’s munchin corn nuts and we’re going to WM AGAIN. We are NEVER GONNA GET THERE.

Higginsville – After four or five trips into the WM, I had an adventure across the way to a closed Farm & Lawn Store, looking for a 1 1/4 box wrench. Across the street, Olberschen looked like the place. Auto, hardware…sho nuff. SoI walked back to WM, prize in hand (for the fuel pump).

WalMart had likker and some beer, but no wine.

I have the most wanted circuses

are you in it?

I’ll try to grow up when you leave


I will work when my special time is done


Your thoughts usually get along with chaos

Glass is actually OK. Sux to pack it out! (I didn’t bring any beer or anything in glass containers because I thought it wasn’t allowed. Yes, nothing is actually not allowed, etc., but I tend to try and do the right thing)

5:37, 43 miles from Kansas City. Don’t know which one.

Tuesday – rode around and around looking for something, anything. Came home so disappointed. Slept all day the heat is miserable. Got up @ 6:18 Wednesday night. Just don’t feel myself. Very frustrated at how poorly prepared I am. Dying for a fucking cold soda and pickle (I don’t drink soda  – or eat pickles – IRL, so I didn’t take any.) Couldn’t find a bar or new friends or old friends. Would be happy to leave tomorrow. Wish I knew what was wrong (with me).

I’m not oeverwhelmed or underwhelmed…I had few expectations, so just don’t know.

9 Genome Slutgarden dance party till 9

Dna 5 Hushville library – 10 pm

8-11 Pickle Joint

Planet Earth – goth 9 am Plaze @ 330

Bat Country Esp 930

Club Verboten 430 Extinct

In retrospect, I really, really think just having a friend, just one person to do stuff with would have make a complete world of difference. Esp. one who knew how to navigate, but just anyone person to share everything with would have fucking rocked. More pics from about that time somewhere around Missouri

Karissa worked on her gift the whole way there

the purple and blue and black swirly one was my absolute favourite

2 Responses to ““Kind of like when Jesus tried to pass for Christians, in their bunny suits””

  1. hscotland Says:

    Awww. I wish we’d have spent more time together. :-/
    Sillystupid camped on opposite ends of the damned playa! (shakes fist)


  2. Someone just had another one of my BRILLIANT ideas… « I’m going to Burning Man. Says:

    […] for a link to Tunna brought up all sorts of fun posts about what a GREAT time I had my first […]

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