Free songs on Amazon today

You have to have an account, but you log in and pick a song, any song, that they are selling.

I got

Bad Romance – Lady Gaga

Golem f/ Amanda Palmer – Warsaw is Khelm

Ute Lemper – Mein Herr

I much prefer the Liza version from the movie, but they didn’t have it. 😦

Oh shit, I’m a dumbass. I was watching that video, thinking about how that outfit inspired my red one (cabaret zombie) and realized I have that song, already. Damn, that’s a good movie. I’d turn into a gay man for Liza, in that movie. It was thrilling, when Amanda and Brian covered it in Durham a couple of years ago.

Also, I can’t stop listening to The Con.

Build a wall of books between us in our bed
Repeat the words that I know we both said

Relax into the need
We get so comfortable
Remember when I was so strange and likeable

When I jerk away from holding hands with you
I know these habits hurt important parts of you

Remember when I was sweet and unexplainable
Nothing like this person

I just want back in your head
I'm not unfaithful but I stray

I listened in
Yes I'm guilty of this you should know this
I broke down and wrote you back before you had a chance to
Forget forgotten
I am moving past this given notice
I have to go
Yes I know the feeling, know you're leaving

Calm down, I'm calling you to say
I'm capsized, erring on the edge of safe
Calm down, I'm calling back to say
I'm home now

I'm coming around, I'm coming around
Nobody likes to but I really like to cry
Nobody likes me
Maybe if I cry
It's up there with Give Up, as song-by-song mindboggling awesome break-up album.

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