Song of the Siryn

I forgot one, from Alchemy ‘0..8?

Me and the lovely lady responsible for changing my life, by way of Alchemy, ie: “burning.”

My costume was much better later, when I was bleeding from my black eyes and insulting people at the effigy bar. “The Belligerent Fairy.”

I love juxtaposing the pretty (ie, soft, white, flowy dress, glitter) with…well, me (acerbic curmudgeon). It has recently been discussed, the point of “antagonism.” Being “mean.” I guess I’m kinda on the end of those being accused of meanness, but I do try to respect others (ie, I don’t megaphone at sleeping people) and find a balance between my “self-expression” and following my rule of treating others as I’d want them to treat me.

At Burning Man, on My Date with a Unicorn, I found it lent entirely to obnoxiousness.

“Ooooh, a UNICORN!”

“Fuuuuuck you!”

People don’t expect a glittery pink unicorn to tell them to fuck off. Or a glittery Renne Faire fairy to deride them for not wanting to kiss her. I suppose, if I wanted to get philosophical, it is a manifestation of the trouble I had all my life, getting people to see beyond the exterior – or labels.

I can be a Christian and drink! I can have a nose ring and wear wifebeaters and discuss the points of Kierkegaard’s “either/or!” I can go to punk rock shows and live in an infamous rock and roll house and be a virgin! Or not do drugs!

Plus, it just makes people laugh. Which makes them like you, if you amuse them, which tides over my insatiable insecurity.  N’est pas?

Oh, hey, UNICORNS!

Tuesday on the playa was a good day. I found Doom, in the morning, and had a date with a fellow unicorn (and blog commenter extraordinaire). She’s a veteran, so just being around her and her knowledge was good. It was my first time out with my bike.

Oh, and it was tutu Tuesday.

I gotta tell you, bikes on the playa are AWESOME. SO much faster. The key is to do both. Don’t always ride your bike, because you’ll miss stuff. Don’t always walk, because you will never find that camp on the other side of the man with the lemonade you want.

I felt like a fat-ass, cumbersome klutz trying to ride around in platform boots, through…what would you call it? All the ridges and bumps of the sand, blown this-a-way and that-a-way from vehicles, wind and other bikes.

I got to go to Bat Country, though – didn’t see any Thompsons, but they did have….oh, and I still am happy about it: coconut milk ice cream (yes!) on GLUTEN-FREE CONES.

It was just one of those serendipitous, idyllic playa moments.

Then we went and got tattoos.

I ended up going back there several times…for whatever reason, having a large spider on me was terribly amusing.

I sat for a portrait

and then lost my tail in a poker game.

Sadly, that was about the last day I saw my unicorn-in-crime. Subsequent attempts to cross the playa in search of her camp were fruitless (not really, no journey out there is EVER uneventful).

But we’ll always have our pointy horses.

Edited to add a note from the “good cop” unicorn:

Yay, that was a fun day!!! It was a funny dichotomy, me going “O HAI PEOPLE WANT A HUG?” and you being all “FUUUUUCK YOOOOUUUU!”


3 Responses to “Song of the Siryn”

  1. Issa Says:

    You’re awesome. I love your posts. I wish I saw you more often.

  2. Brody Says:

    Yay, that was a fun day!!! It was a funny dichotomy, me going “O HAI PEOPLE WANT A HUG?” and you being all “FUUUUUCK YOOOOUUUU!”

    Tee hee.

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    […] Read By J old posts if you haven’t […]

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