I love Lady Gaga.

There. I said it.

I hated Just Dance. A song glorifying alcohol abuse, to the point of blacking out, laid over formulaic, unoriginal beats. What’s the big f’ing deal? Christina rip-off, she’ll be gone when the next skinny-ass, scantily-clad popstar comes along.

Orrr…she’ll get kinda awesome. Start going a little rogue and WTF? with her outfits…everytime a new look – I mean, literally sometimes not even looking human. Just for funsies. Not showing up with her tits hanging out, or accidentally flashing her crotch for attention.

You know what I love? Music. You know what I love? Fashion. You know what I love? Art.

You know what Lady Gaga is?

Music. Now, this song – and video – is straight up mid-90s Eurotrash. The classical, grandiose backing music, the singing v. speakying, the “plot” and over-the-top outfits…but she still manages to make it creepy and awesome and gorgeous.



Her Warholian factory also makes films that, like her videos and music, aren’t anything original at the core yet they’re elevating pop-art back to an art status, rather than just the pop (like a bubble…flimsy, transparent) music crap that’s been making the money lately (didja know Taylor Swift is now the second-best selling artist OF ALL TIME, after Michael Jackson?).

It was an awards show she performed at, that really clinched my interest.

Here she talks a bit about her “bossy sexuality,” and big ol’ donkey dick.

“I don’t create based on other people’s reactions…I create on impulse.” It was a little disconcerting to sit through an interview with a pop star, and be interested in what she  – intelligently – was saying.

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One Response to “*sigh*”

  1. Brody Says:

    Someone else linked to that video recently, and it’s the first I’ve seen or heard of her (besides random mentions of her name from friends on Twitter & whatnot). I thought it was amusing, and definitely more interesting than most pop-trash.

    That being said, this is SO worth a watch, this chick is talented and awesome and funny. Give it a chance! (Cover of a Lady Gaga song, the same one Christopher Walken was reading the lyrics to recently)

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