Adult Showmanship Contest


“…we didn’t have this kinda ruckus with the juniors. We didn’t have this rigamarole at all. It’s supposed to be a pig show, but I think a rodeo’s about to break out.”

Plus the dad beside me was describing all the BBQ entrees possible from one of the pigs.

“I meant to tell all these all old guys we do have an EMS…case anybody needs a shot of oxygen.”

The announcer kept insinuating all the men were too old to be running around after pigs like that. So, apparently they’re supposed prance the pig calmly around the judge – the guy in the blue shirt –  so he can make a choice.

But as you saw, we had us a ruckus with a hint of rigamarole. So they brought these boards out,

and whoever got their pig through, won. Or got closer to winning.

“I went by and touched his hog and he brushed him down, he did good.”

So once the hootenanny died down, and a winner was able to be chosen from the rambunctiousness, there was a FACE OFF with the Junior Showmanship Champion…

Cool = girl, cool = girl with glasses, cool = this girl wearing glasses didn’t even crack a smile when she beat some old pig farmer for the title of Pig Showmanship CHAMPION!


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