So, when you’re not prancing around as a unicorn, or wearing moustache pasties, what do you do for fun?

Why, the State Fair, of course! First, breakfast.

fair 005

Sweet potato fries. Not ever getting them from the fair again, because they use the exact same ones I do, from the Pig.

fair 003

Most of the food at the fair, I can’t eat. Elephant ears (like funnel cake, only instead of drizzling it around, they just pour it into the oil), battered and deep-fried candy bars, cookies and chocolate covered cherries, gyros…

fair 004

Uncle Martin did some time in prison…but came home with some great recipes.

fair 001

(Get it? He went to jail, and had butt sex, and turned into Aunt Martha, and has a sausage penis?)

fair 002

I usually prefer my french fries to have an undistinguished taste, but whatever.

Then my favourite, crafts! The handiwork of our citizens…

fair 006

Our very, very patient and laden with free time citizens. Cross stitch and a plethora of sequins and beads. But no WIZARD!

fair 007

The strategically? placed masking tape remains a mystery. Miss Mary, I actually liked

fair 010

Now, let’s get to the good stuff.

fair 009

fair 013

fair 014

fair 015

Ha ha, just kidding. Sometimes, but rarely, is it good – good good, not ha ha “good.”

fair 016

The cakes always elicit “Cute! How they’d do that? WTF?” spectrums of comments.

fair 017

Like I said, the patient, laden with free time citizens…

fair 018

fair 019

Halloween themes are fun:

fair 021

I had JUST seen a skull cake on-line, but still fairly enjoyed this effort:

fair 020

King Kong would have been more impressive

fair 022

If the figurines had been made of cake/icing, too

fair 023

Impressive was the detail on this cake:

fair 024

Did I mention patience??

We agreed this one should have one, but probably didn’t for the ick factor:

fair 025

The detail was hilarious.

fair 026

fair 027

Obligagtory Unicorn.

There’s always hamburger cakes, but this is the best one yet

fair 029

– the tomatos had seeds. The Blue Ribbon WTF goes to this one,

fair 028

I think maybe she’s supposed to be bowled over by love? She has hearts for eyes and is lying on the ground. Given our abysmal rate of death by domestic violence, however…it certainly is up for interpretation.

Oh, I forgot the big Lego scene,

fair 011

a big arena rock show

fair 012

Oh, and monkeys!

fair 036

fair 037

“She looks like the kind of doll

fair 035

…that would stab you in your sleep.”

Ok, Ok, fine! Your National Spam contest winners!!

fair 031

Some sort of Spam nacho pie and

fair 032

Bacon-wrapped spam on sticks. Grilled, presumably.

The abject fun continued with “the magic of agriculture”

fair 040

I did have some video of the horrib – I mean, ah, erm…uh….magic show, but am not sure about putting other people’s kids online? But don’t worry, I got plenty of footage of the pig off! And some roosters.

fair 048

“The Dandy”

fair 043


fair 044


We picked a great time to go, opening time (noon) on Sunday, beating the church crowd. I’ve been in the bird section

fair 046

When it was shoulder to shoulder, walking through. I’m not kidding!

It’s one of the loudest parts of the fair, for reals…

like a neighborhood of dogs when a firetruck drives by. I kept trying to get one on film, crowing, but as soon as I’d start filming, I swear, they’d just give me the eye and clamp their beaks shut.

Until this fine fellow (my fourth attempt)

I forgot my camera doesn’t adjust for film…yes, that is how I spent my Sunday afternoon. Trying to get roosters to crow. And narrating for them.

Hi there little chicken!

fair 051

Aren’t you a pretty gir – ugh, augh, WTF is that??

fair 052

Demon mutant chicken!

Try to get some sleep, kids, next on our heroe’s adventures: antique bikes and pig championships!


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One Response to “So, when you’re not prancing around as a unicorn, or wearing moustache pasties, what do you do for fun?”

  1. The U.D. Says:

    This here counts as entertainment back I come from, tell ya wut.

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