I’m making homemade Nutella and bacon jam for Xmas presents. This stuff sounds good, too:

Jolene would clearly be a welcome resident of CampCamp!


I hate that Day of the Dead stuff is gaining popularity


(because that inherently means I have to ditch it, and wait around, to say, “Oh yeah, I was into their first album/them ten years ago.”), but I do like this dress – wouldn’t in hell pay that much for it, I can guarantee anything in a package is going to be itchy (100% polyester) and sucky and ill-fitted (they always run small), but I like the idea, esp. the viel. And her eye make-up.


And lastly, my new bookmark (gave me the link to that costume) is Skulls and Bacon, from which I give you:

Maple Bacon Shake

This weekend, last year, I was having the time of my life…for reals.


Last year, I gained a posse!

This weekend, this year, reality drives home (literally, from Army school) and a long…but hopefully not too cold, winter begins.

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