Kaweka Foods

I just ate some Kaweka beef chili with beans. It is from New Zealand. It was pretty tasty, for food in a pouch.
“New Zealand beef, plum tomatoes and red kidney beans wtih authentic seasoning.” I was curious, what “authentic” New Zealand chili encompassed.  It proudly says “GLUTEN FREE” on the front, which always makes me happy.

The ingredients are: ground beef, tomatoes, vegetable stock (water, onions, carrots, celery, leeks, mushrooms, tomato paste, herbs, spices), red kidney beans, onions, tomato paste, garlic, rice bran oil, spices, paprika, chili powder.

What? …that is all actual food. Unless NZ isn’t required to list every single ingredient, and there are hidden -ites and -mites, etc. Having looked at other similiar food in a pouch options, I’ve not found one so simple.

I’ll just have to pick some up on my next trip to New Zealand. (I don’t have a next trip to New Zealand).

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