Alchemy’s Effigy: Shock and Awe

…so there was no conclave before the effigy burn, which I loved. There was a clearly defined perimeter, held very, very strongly. Sometimes there is a marked border of caution tape, usually just a ranger or few pacing back and forth, asking people to mind the invisible line.  This effigy had a bright red line of lights and a good…dunno, I heard it was to be 50 people in matching t-shirts and berets, spaced at arms’ length making an actual human perimeter people could not get by.  Not even fire safety people, in their astronaut suits, were allowed to enter the perimter around the effigy.

And here, people, is why:

“The big explosions were 5 gal. of gasolene put into 10″ pipes with 1Lb of ffA black powder in the bottom mixed with about a tablespoon full of titanium added to ignite the gas cloud.”

 Though we on the perimeter were allowed to turn around and watch, once the air raid signal indicated as such, I held my perimeter position for the most part (I was asked to keep an eye on the crowd and not let anyone through, so that is what I did.) and thoroughly enjoyed seeing and hearing people’s reactions. I had a nice mix of “virgins” and old-timers in front of me, both parties were shocked and awed. It was utterly delightful, watching their faces – epitome of “jaw dropping.” People’s minds were buhlown. It was awesome! All of it. Alchemy is awesome.

The end.

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One Response to “Alchemy’s Effigy: Shock and Awe”

  1. Brody Says:

    Holy crap, dude! That’s awesome. I REALLY want to get to a regional out there next year.

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