I was born in St. Louis. It was neat to drive through there. But let me back up. I took my first shift during sunrise, in Kentucky. I had a blast, driving. Skynrd, Kentucky hills – it was nice. I rocked out (as opposed to the other drivers, all psytrancers or music-less borrowing psytrance).

I took some “POV” shots, of my first shift, but they’re on someone else’s camera. Plus, I mean, they’re pictures out the window as I’m driving.

bm there 027

So people are all, “All that time on a bus? Did you have fun?” Boy, did we!

bm there 005

bm there 006

bm there 007

I mean, how fun is that??

It never stopped.

You see what we did there?

You see what we did there?


Some people worked on beautiful gifts. Some people talked on the phone. Some people stared out the window.

bm there 029

Like I said. IT NEVER STOPPED! Because Brooklyn parties don’t stop. Wait, what?




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