Makin’ it on the cheap

And no, not plying me with cheap booze to get me in the mood to make it with you.

After work the other day I decided to swing by Hobby Lobby and get:


I have these creepy dolls I want to make into earrings, and I’m stenciling a dress (had to get some freezer paper from my butcher)(yes, that’s right, I have a butcher. He has delicious, delicious steak and homemade bratwurst).

Hoooowever much later, I left with:


Aren’t I a good American??


These are for pirate earrings (once I find a skull or two to add).


You are never too old to be a debutante! Plus, I was crowned Queen Bee of the Alchemy Effigy Bar, against my will, so now I will run with it. Run with it until someone puts their eye out.


Hopefully a fresh coat of glow-in-the-dark paint will revive my poor old pink flamingos…and who knows what else! I have to test it, see how well it glows.



I got over $100 worth of patterns for less that eight bucks. Many of these I’ve been wanting for yeeearrrs. Hopefully it will help keep me home (not spending money) and sober (likewise) during the long, long, excruciatingly boring winter months.

In the same strip mall are several ho stos. Stoes? Whore stores. Conway had an amazing selection of hosiery (and some purple wellies I resisted). I got some striped fishnets and stripey legwarmers (b&w stripey clothing item #2!):


About two bucks each.

And I got this random…


thing, for five bucks. I was a little delirious with hunger, at this point.

 In the checkout line I spied this:


This line retails for about fifty bucks or so. I got this for $6.99. I primarily got it for the bra:


But might actually figure something out with the whole thing.


I did splurge on a new dress, wooly Swedish looking thing, and some boots!


I wear boots to death, and these are smashing pirate boots.


Southern pirates say yerrr!

Splurging, to me, is buying something not on sale. I think they were both around 20 bucks. But still, I’m in the black, considering how much I saved with the patterns!

And, sushi socks for a buck.




On the way home from work yesterday, I stopped by the “ghetto” beauty store (read: Asian) to get some nails:


And some bling:


It was hard to decide between “sexy” and “angel.”

They had a couple of wigs I liked, but nothing I could afford.

When I got home I stuffed a bra, and made a padded butt. Looking at myself in the mirror though, I thought, “Is this racist?”

It is a costume. When I do costumes, I go for accuracy. From head to toe. So why should I get kudos on say, a wonderful pirate outfit, but if I strive for the same authenticity (both involving the same mix of personal experience and knowledge, plus research) in, say, a hood rat, would it just be racist?

Why the huge ass takes it from comical to racist, I can’t figure out.

Anyways, the point is, the best burner/costume stuff  is found outside of malls and WalMart. Craft stores, Rainbow, Oriental beauty stores in the ghetto, Conway, “the black mall,” etc. That’s my secret for always looking so fly.

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One Response to “Makin’ it on the cheap”

  1. Brody Says:

    Aweeeeeeeesome! Too bad Berkeley doesn’t have a mall, or really very many chain stores or much weirdness besides hippie stuff. I just rely on the thrift stores and whatnot, too lazy to ride really far on surface streets on my scooter to try and find a mall in the ghetto.

    But yeah, craft stores rock. Nice finds!

    I’m all envious that you get to go to a regional event so soon! Nothing for me until Decompression in October. Ack.

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