Funny you should mention those, Chris, as I started packing last night.

I bought some vacuum bags. They’re basically a plastic bag, no different, with a gliding “locker” across the top and one of those things to put a vacuum in. Well, I couldn’t figure out how to work the vacuum (and no, it had nothing to do with Taco (read: tequila) Tuesday).

So I ended up just kneeing them – the vacuum bags and regular oversized bags from the dollar store. I took pictures and stuff. I’m planning on taking the vacuum bags back  – plus, the way that attachment works, just hold the mouth of the bag around the vacuum hose.

I didn’t notice any real difference (granted, I couldn’t actually vacuum them, which I hope to do tonight), the non-vacuum bags started sucking in air, once I got off on them. The “travel size” was the same bag, sans a vacuum hole, and I did notice once I got off of it, it stayed…um, deflated? Air squashed?

But yes, getting air out of bags helps.

I was thinking of you this morning! That’s kinda weird. But I was, just wondering when you leave, all the way from Canada! Canada has always been exotic to me.  Anne of Green Gables. Those grumpy Quebecians. Punk rock Toronto and all that crazy wilderness….

So, the dome is down. OH MY GOD THAT THING IS A PAIN IN THE ASS.  I went all over it, and color-tagged the poles and the clips they go into. So now it is a gay Doom dome! No it isn’t. I had three other people helping me.  And it isn’t packed all the way away, yet.

My little brother came over and was a huge help. Spray painted my bike (gave me gold tires, him and his art school degree!) and helped me figure out the altar. His wife ran a marathon, and I commented something about why would somebody do that? “Why would somebody go to Burning Man?” he replied. I stood up straight (my back is killling me, after all the bending for the dome. I am so old.) and couldn’t give him an answer. Art?  Music? Dance? Just for the heck of it, Diet Coke?

I have some stickers to cut out. THE WHOLE FREAKING CAR TO PACK. It looks like no CDs. 😦 I was going to make each of you little thank you packages, for taking the time out of your lives to read my ramblings.) I guess the return will be pictures and anecdotes…then random burn-related things. Um…I did panick last night and text someone who is already out there, or nearby. She said all I need is my ticket, wallet, pack lots of black and whiskey, and I’ll be just fine.

Largely, it is the unknowing. Will I be one of the lucky who can go barefoot, or should I have packed a gajillion socks and more shoes? Will the camp showers be great, or should I have planned some other hair washing method (yeah yeah, embrace the inevitable playa hair, not if I can help it)? I know I’m taking too much food (well, not too much technically, but I know lots of others will feed me) which is usually not a big deal, because I’m usually packing in and out of my own car, once in, once out (not in, out, back in somewhere else, out again for over a week, then back in). Ummmmm…yeah. Anyways.

Let me know how you ended up doing everything. Shipping stuff? Going super sparse? And congratulations for getting your face out of the computer (I had to google Karazhan, you nerd!).


One Response to “A-ha!”

  1. Chris Says:

    >Will I be one of the lucky who can go barefoot, or should I have packed a gajillion socks and more shoes?

    I stole…erm, I mean liberated…some of those individual-serving plastic vinegar packets you find at food courts. I also bought a squishy bowl, the size folks use for a dog dish:


    Voila: A portable foot soak with a light vinegar + water solution. Now all I need to do is keep an eye out for you.

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