Are you going with friends?
Is this your first burn?(It’s mine)

Read the blog, hippie! Yes and no. Just first Burning Man. Despite having wanted to go since about 1998. 
Maybe we should create a burn-newbie support and intervention group. If one of us stays inside we’ll have an intervention and pry the book from their hands.

There’s a camp for loners and shy people, devoted to forcing everyone to be social. You and Chris should camp together and let me know where, so I can do random inter-activity checks.

I’m actually really shy and insecure and socially inept, and my masochism forces me to act like I’m not, so I have experience dragging people by the ear to wander with me.  Especially after a few burns, it is really OK to say “Hey! I’ll wander with you!” or “Hey! Come wander with me!” to random people sitting, standing, already walking.  You can always wander off if it doesn’t work out.

I try to treat everyone like I’d want to be treated. So, I know that I’d be delighted if somebody asked to walk around with me and try to tell myself other people are equally as A-OK with me going “Let’s wander together!”

And if that doesn’t work, heavy drinking does.


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  1. Skygnome777 Says:

    Hippie? Woah!
    Them’s fightin’ words!

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