I had a good long think yesterday, about not going.  For a variety of reasons*. Well, they all stem from one, but still. I don’t know. I’m tired.

*None of them having to do with money, level of preparedness or my grandmother’s declining health.

Addendum: Though I don’t even shave, today I am going for my first bikini and leg waxing. I thought it might help me feel cleaner? And just be interesting.

Still not bothering with my arm pits, though.

Sent out a call for help (spray painting bike, hot gluing flowers and spray-paint stenciling my tubs), nada. Today I will be trying to prioritize everything (decorating the bike falling by the wayside, sadly, among other things) in order to get it all done by myself in what is essentially (after I go to work and sleep) less than one day.


5 Responses to “”

  1. Puck Says:

    You wouldn’t be the only one:


  2. Allison Says:

    You don’t know me and I don’t know you, but I’m keeping you in my thoughts these days.

    I’m also preparing for my first time at Burning Man and I’ve found your blog incredibly inspirational.

    I wish you and your family all the best.

    I hope you will be able to overcome these tough times and that Burning Man will be able to provide you with a place to soothe your soul.

  3. Runaway Says:

    Burning Man is a pain in the ass, the desert sucks, and getting ready and getting out there is expensive. At the same time as it sucks cosmic wang, it is also one of the most amazing experiences anywhere. That’s why I keep going back.

  4. Issa Says:

    Go. It’s hard to get to Burning Man, as you’re well aware of right now. But you are closer to going now than you’ve ever been, and next year you’d have to start all over. Even if Burning Man sucks for you, it will suck in a fantastic, once-in-a-lifetime, overwhelmingly awesome way. Do it.

  5. Chris Says:

    I’m now officially scared. I’ll get sick from heat. I’ll injure myself and get infected I won’t be allowed home through customs. I’ll meet people I don’t want to meet instead of those I do. I’ll come home completely psychologically changed and hate my current life. People will think me ugly: not because of my looks but because of my personality. I’ll whine from the heat. I’ll not eat properly and be grumpy. I’ll want private space and turn into a dick from lack of sleep. I’ll hide my shy self behind a book and never leave camp. When people try to get me to open up I’ll be so boring they’ll leave.

    I’m still gonna go. I’ve never done a burn in my life and it’s sheer idiocy to do the biggest one in the world.

    I’ll see you there, eh?

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