So…my grandmother…she took ill earlier in the week. We have a big (every four years) family reunion this weekend. I was aggravated, because it is my last two days off before leaving, and there’s a mini-burn nearby…but I love my family, so at least I knew it would be time well-spent, just not productive (YOU try to explain the awesomeness of a zombie pirate hooker to Southern Baptists).

But now she’s gone from “she fell” to “they moved her to ICU, signed off on her living will and DNR, and your brother is flying across the country from San Francisco tomorrow to make sure he gets to see her alive…”

You know what is really dreadful? I had been thinking up a “confession,” to be granted entrance to the Sinister Minister bar. It involved a silly tale of my mother dying right when I was supposed to leave, and I didn’t want to miss BM, so I chopped her up into the freezer…and now there is an imminent death looming, heavily.

I lost my other grandmother suddenly, a few months ago. I was at a burn in Florida. A fellow happened to walk by on his mobile and I borrowed it, to call the boyf. He promptly told me to call home. I finished my trip (there was no feasible way to go straight home), went straight from la la burn land to a hospice cot, and watched my grandmother die.

And then I lost my cat, last week. I put another one down, to boot.

And now this.

Seriously, universe? Seriously?


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  1. Generic Anonymity Says:

    Stuff like that will trip you up every time – but think of it this way:
    These things were probably going to happen eventually. They might as well have happened before you headed off somewhere that would be sure to cheer you up.

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