DOOM! dome!


Ah, life has been kind. Well, the internet and dead people have been kind. Dead people make me money, and donate shit to the Goodwill, like this beeeyouuuteeful ensemble:

playa 001

Black and white checks (NOT gingham, mind you) with flowers of ungodly yellow and pink.

Not to mention….DOOM! dome:

playa 009

After we FINALLY @#$%^ got it set up (five people, three people more than they insisted it would take). 1.5 hrsish.

George asked me what its named was. “Hadn’t thought about it…” I cocked my head.

A while later, eating inside, marveling at its wonder, I laughed, “DOOM! dome,  of course that’s it!”

Not dome of doom. DOOM! dome. Get it right.

So…we’ll see. It has a floor. Should be sturdy enough. Has the big nail stakes, not sure if I should get the similiar ones with plastic pull tops, or some of the almight rebar (google “burning man rebar” and have fun)(Just kidding about the fun).

Clear, plastic windows that come with a pocketed curtain are AWEsome:

playa 010

L to R window with curtain, one to three doors, uncovered window.

playa 011

Circle (no mesh) in top middle, zipper pulls dangle down. Nice bright purple nylon.

Was suggested I put a fan up there. Not sure. Wondering if rain fly would be too stiflely, or if having it atop the poles would do that layering thing…like create a cool air zone between it and the tent.

I mean dome! DOOM! dome!

Ha ha, I just realized I’ve now got DOOM! dome and Camp CAMP!

So that’s it, folks. Domicide mission accomplished. I’m not even going to set up the other tent I purchased to try out. Done and done.  I’m not thrilled about not being able to do it by myself, so it won’t be an every burn thing, but it is pretty neat.

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5 Responses to “DOOM! dome!”

  1. Issa Says:

    “Domicide mission accomplished.”

    …Wouldn’t it be DOOMicide mission accomplished? 🙂

  2. Brody Says:

    So is this the giant basecamp thing you mentioned, or something else?
    Either way- congrats!
    And yes, a tent fan = BEST THING EVER. Srsly. Either one that sits on something, or one for the roof (but be warned, even though they’re held on with a big strong magnet, really high winds can throw it off and then there’s OH HAI a fan falling on your head. Speaking from experience here.)

  3. I’m going to Burning Man. Says:

    […] was actually scared, having never thrown up so much that I can recall.) I sat naked in the middle of the dome, trying to figure what I need, to feel better. Besides a shower, tasty meal and two-hour massage […]

  4. John Says:

    Hi mate, it is incredible! super large dome.
    Where did you buy it? I also want it with this color.

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