For as long as I can remember, my favourite colour (when asked) has been “glow in the dark when it’s glowing.” My glow in the dark boots ROCK and make me happy. Like wearing rubber duckie panties to work and having Bailey’s in my coffee.


I’m not sure about glow in the dark toilet paper, though. Seems like a waste of GID technology.

This is pretty funny. Funny because it’s true!


It includes:

• High quality PVC rain poncho
• Glow stick
• Key chain torch
• Pack of tissues
• 2 condoms
• Sanitary hand gel
• Rehydration drink mix
• Pair of earplugs
• Luxury hand wipes
• 2 SPF30 sunscreen wipes
• Toothbrush & paste
• Tin of UFK mints
• Emergency blanket and mini first aid kit

Thought of by someone who knows.

On a non-burn related want, having the Great Wall of China all over my yard would be kinda awesome.


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