*laugh* Well, on the subject of identifiers, keep an eye open for a shoulder tattoo of the Venus of Willendorf. I figure odds are against people meeting up at BM, though? Seems astronomically low from my naive perspective.

I think the odds are pretty good, if you make an effort! I have two playa dates already! I’d probably have more, if I got in touch with everyone I know who tends to attend. I was thinking of getting all of us to meet up…I’m camping with two of the people who have commented on my blog, and have a playa date (fuck those pointy horses!) with another one on Tuesday. So…yeah. I think it is possible.

Now, of course – I don’t know if you’ve ever been to a burn, Slant, but they do run on BST. Burner Standard Time (aka Pagan Standard Time, Gay Standard Time, ie, perpetually late and not really doing anything on a specific time,e ver). Which does mean some leeway and flexibility is required (I usually leave, if I’ve waited for somebody more than 15 minutes. Not at burns!).


In this vein though, my supah-blogger, what tools are there available at/after BM for folks who meet on the playa and were too fool-minded at the time to record contact information?

 None, you idiot! Ha ha. Just kidding. I mean…make some business cards. I use businesscardland.com, print them out, and glue them to fancy stuff (fancy stuff = the back of empty record sleeves). It usually reads “Bryonic Heroine, Liason du Ennui,” but for the playa I’m just going to put my name, email and camp location.

Afterwards, there’s the usual Eplaya, Tribe, etc. Misc. yahoo and google groups – surely there’s a “Canadian Burners, Eh?” group somewhere! Make sure you have your info on whatever you might give out (in my case, awesome stickers) so people can contact you. Plan to keep a notebook and pen on you at all times – word of advice, when you do take someone’s info, make a note indicating why you want to stay in touch with this person. Otherwise, you could end up with a list of names, and no idea who is who and what or why.

Oh, and I have a bike! As you might have noticed. I rode it to my friend’s house. One speed+hills = hello, thighs. And now my butt hurts. The butt bones. Ouch.  I went and bought a new seat, hopefully it will help.

So if you see a redhead on a black Day of the Dead bike, it is me. Light-up Jesus designating it at night (hopefully). And if you see said bike, sans said redhead, stop them immediately and get my bike back!!


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