Sure, it isn’t what I REALLY want from thinkgeek, but it is pretty cool.


“Solar powered water bottle cap ftw.” – Slant Valiant

Usually I do have a water bottle (SCIENCE!), but I got a camelbak for dis shit.

Sadly, I have no money left for neat-o stuff, either, which is bumming me out. I’d wanted some EL bling-bling for my night time get-ups. 

I added it to my wishlist.

(on the off chance there’s some millionaires reading this, who enjoy sending random gifts to random strangers, that’s my wishlist…)

Nice to see you back, Slantiekins, was wondering where you’d wandered off to.

I’ve long been a fan of FTW (having had a biker thing since youth. 1%er! FTW!), but lately it seems to be l33t (what, I’m 54 years old, just catching up with the jive lingo, kids) to stick  it on the end of random sentences….Eating a banana, FTW!

Untaken burner name?

Goals for the weekend:

Get a tent.

Make some costumes.

Make a stencil for all my shit.

Decorate camelbak.






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  1. Brody Says:

    Shit, it’s 13 days for me too. Don’t remind me.

    It amuses me that the old punk FTW (Fuck The World) has been handily usurped by the LOLcat kids. There’s a tattoo shop here in town called FTW Tattoo that I enjoy riding by and saying “FOR THE WIIIIIIIIIIIN!”.

    (and, I actually went there to get a flaming hoop added to my platypus tattoo, because I liked BOTH versions of FTW acronym).

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