I’m not an f’ing raver.


So how do I light up (and look cool) without glowsticks, or spending a lot of time and money foolin’ with EL wire? (which is awesome stuff)

I don’t feel much like waxing eloquent…it was a long, 150% unproductive weekend and now my cat is dying. Or could be dead. So I’m not in the mood. But here’s some stuff I’m looking at, trying to figure out how to stick it in my hair, attach it to clothes, etc.

Fiber optic lights come in a variety of colors and sizes…but all in a lamp style.

This one looks like more of a basic something, but it isn’t colored…you can get hair pieces

I was looking for the stuff to make my own…it doesn’t say what type battery it uses, or if it is $2.99 each or if you get all three. Reckon while I’m at it I’ll find some more stuff:

light up fairy wings

Now this is awesome: pink flamingos! Too bad they’re not bigger…and cheaper…this trip is costing me SO much money, I really can’t do much fun stuff anymore…

I wonder if I could sew these onto my butt…make a hand bikini:


My boots either glow in the dark, or don’t have laces, but if you need some laces – and say, I wonder how these would work, in lieu of el wire on clothes…

Some bling


And piece de resistance, BOCCE!

Bocce is great. Easy to play, easy to transport. We play that you pick up and keep moving (as opposed to playing on a set field), so people can jump in, drop off, tag along, as you wander all over the area.

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